Visiting our office (visual guide)

We always advise that you call ahead before visiting the office on 01827 312 778


Accessing our office

Here you can find the Google map link to our office


Visiting by Bus

The nearest bus stops are on Lichfield Street, at the Tamworth Boot Inn (if arriving via Tamworth town centre) or Sunset Close (if arriving from Lichfield)

The bus services used by most residents would be the Arriva 765 or X65 which loops from Tamworth to Lichfield.  These buses arrive on average every 20 minutes.

The 110 (Tamworth to Birmingham) the 766 (Tamworth to Atherstone) and the 65 (Tamworth to Mile Oak) are also available at both bus stops.




Entering on foot or by car from Halford Street

Although our postal address is listed as Lichfield Street, for people visiting the office, it is generally easier to visit via Halford Street. 

For Sat Nav this is postcode B79 7RB.


Below is a map, which shows the roads, bus stops and other locations nearby. 

Our car park entrance is marked in yellow.  It can be found on Halford street beside a large speed hump between Tempest Street and Edward Street.

Our office is marked with a blue X.

Map to Chris Pincher MP's office - car park entrance marked in yellow


The entrance to the car park is by a large speed hump, which has plants either side

speedhump on Halford Stret

The car park is marked as the White House residents car park

Car park entrance

However there are marked spaces for our office you can make use of when you visit

parking spaces

Once parked you will see the entrance to our building

Entrance to Chris Pincher's Office






Entering on foot or by car from Lichfield Street


If you decide to visit from the Lichfield Street side, the view will be different.

Entering Chris Pincher's office from Lichfield Street

Our building is between the fire station and Utopia Hair Salon.  You enter the car park beside the blue and cream bay window.

When you enter the car park, you will see our building, there’s a poster of Chris on the window.

Car park entrance from Lichfield Street



Walk up to the entrance which is marked with a sign.


 Entrance to Chris Pincher MP's office



At the building entrance……


And you will see a small silver, intercom, which you can ring to let us know you have arrived.   

This intercom is fitted with a camera so we can see who is at the door.  We may ask you to face the intercom. 

A member of staff will then meet you at the door and invite you inside.


Press the intercom to let us know you have arrived


You will then be brought to a small waiting room, there is access to a kitchen and toilets here.

If you need a quiet space alone after your journey, simply ask and this will be arranged.

Waiting room at Chris Pincher's office



At your appointment time you will be let into the office to speak with Chris.


Chris Pincher MP's office


If at any point you have concerns about visiting the office, are worried about being lost or late or you need to re-schedule, please call our office on 01827 312 778 or email




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