Train season ticket refunds

Coronavirus disruption has changed our usual lives and I know many of you are conscious about personal finances.  While MPs have been engaging with all banks to encourage them to support customers, other bodies are also reaching out to offer assistance.

One of them is the train companies because for many people a season ticket is one of the bigger monthly bills.

Annual train tickets will be refunded pro rata but 12 weeks must be remaining on the ticket.  Monthly tickets need at least 6 days remaining for a refund and weekly ones need at least 2 days.  The administrative fees will also be waved.  Most of this can be arranged through online accounts where applicable.

You can apply online to the individual companies for the refunds - they will want to see the ticket, either dropped off to a ticket office or sent in (ideally through registered post) through the mail service.

Additionally many railway car parks are also offering refunds on their spaces - but this varies, so check with your individual car parking service.

Trains continue to run on a reduced timetable - please only use trains for essential travel.