Mass Testing in Staffordshire

Tamworth and Lichfield are now considered to be Tier 3 - Very High Alert for Covid 19 but Staffordshire is an area which has been issued with mass-testing.

I would encourage everyone in town to get tested if possible.  This includes people who are asymptomatic or have never had a test before.

Testing is free, you can book for your whole household and if we can show figures are low in the community, when the tier system is reviewed in mid-December, we may see our tier status lowered.

So how to book a test? Easy... Visit the below website:

Move through the pages answering the questions honestly (yes, this time it will allow if asymptomatic, no you do not have to be a keyworker, no we are not the Liverpool pilot test area, don't worry if you do not know your NHS number)

Around four pages in you will be able to click a button saying 'My Council has asked me to book' so click that one and continue booking the preferred location for your test.  It will match you up to the Staffordshire scheme.

Tests can be booked at drive in centres across the County or can be delivered directly to your home. 

Tests can also be booked through the 119 telephone service. 

Staffordshire County Council will also continue to organise lateral-flow community testing in various venues around the town, making them easier to access, 

We can all do our bit to help isolate where the virus is in our town and work towards being completely Covid-free. This support is available to all in the Tier 3 Staffordshire region, so tell friends, colleagues and family and encourage them to get tested. 

Let's beat this and get Tamworth out of lockdown!

Non symptomatic testing:

Testing will take place at two locations in Tamworth on the following dates:

  • Monday 11 January - 9am-3pm
  • Tuesday 12th January, 9am – 3pm
  • Wednesday 13th January, 10am – 4pm
  • Thursday 14th January, 10am-4pm
  • Friday 15th January, 10am-4pm
  • Saturday 16th January, 10am-4pm

If you’d like to attend you need to book a space in advance. You can book a test by visiting


Big businesses:

If you have 200+ staff, an occupational health team (or staff willing to train to test) and have sufficient space to roll out testing, you can join the lateral flow test programme.  More info on the link below

Business Lateral Flow Testing


Keeping Tamworth Strong through Covid19

The outbreak of Covid19 affected just about every resident in Tamworth and the villages, I have been doing what I can to keep Tamworth on track, retain jobs, support those who have lost work, boost access to testing and care, helping schools reopen and ensure that everybody has a roof over their