Returning to the UK

I know that many residents and tourists abroad wish to return home to the United Kingdom and this is posing some challenges at present.

If you are abroad and have not registered with the Embassy or High Commission then send your details to the email address below:

Include in the subject line the country you are returning from then provide the following

Full Name (as shown on passport)

Passport Number and Expiry Date

Gender & Date of Birth

Home address

Contact number (if applicable)

Nearest airport

Any underlying health conditions, including mobility issues or whether you are in self-isolation.

The FCO will then do their best to support you.  In the meantime, keep an eye on sites like skyscanner for any commercial flights home you could be using. 

If you are in Europe, you can make your way home by car, providing you have your forward travel - such as Channel Tunnel train or Ferry pre-booked.  Officers on borders will ask for these as you cross into France.

Embassy and High Commission phone numbers remain open for emergencies, please use only when essential as they are incredibly busy.

In areas where commercial flights are no longer running the FCO is organising repatriation flights where possible.  This depends on cooperation from Governments in other countries who are understandably reluctant to allow flights in or out as they try to contain the spread of Covid19.

It may mean travel to a different UK airport than where you originally took a flight or a stop over in another country as part of travel.


If you need to travel abroad at the moment, details and guidance are provided at the link below


Family members, I know you have concerns but if you could urge your family members to register with their embassy/high commission or contact the above listed email address the FCO will provide them with direct guidance.

Embassy and High Commission info can be found at: