Tamworth for Great Britain's Railway Headquarters

Tamworth Borough Council has placed a bid to become the new headquarter's for Great British Railways.

Our town is well connected, has a long history with the railway network and have been making the case to be considered as the future headquarters for the railway network.

Applications will be shortlisted in May, then put to a public vote.

As a town with a rich railway history and a strong present railway network, Tamworth would be an excellent place to lead this next era for Britain’s Railways.

As we regenerate our town centre, with £21.65m million from the Government Future High Streets Fund, this is an excellent opportunity to bring in more jobs, more investment and more focus to our area and away from London.

I fully support the Borough Council as they lead our town’s expression of interest in this project, under the leadership of Cllr Jeremy Oates. It’s a great idea and goes to show that the Council is again thinking proactively as it continues to improve our town.

I hope you will too...So fill in the survey and help us shout loud and proud as to why Tamworth should be Railway HQ!



Make Tamworth Great Britain's Railway HQ

I am backing Tamworth to be the location for Great British Railway's HQ


Not only would winning the bid help boost our town regeneration project but Tamworth has a long history with rail.