Free Period Products In Schools

Free period products are being made available to all schools and colleges across England to help break down stigmas and to ensure that no girl feels the need to skip lessons due to their period. 

Tackling Fly Tipping

Today the Join Unit For Waste Crime has brought together law enforcement agencies, regulators, HMRC and the National Crime Agency to create a taskforce dedicated to tackling organised waste crime.

Opening up our courts

TV cameras will be allowed to film in Crown Courts in England and Wales for the first time.

Govt wants YOUR budget ideas

The Government will soon be delivering its first Spring Budget.  The Budget is currently scheduled for 11th March 2020.

Sprinkler Project Complete!

Following the Grenfell Disaster I requested that the local council review all of our highrise buildings to ensure they were up to a good safety standard.  Whilst the six high rise builds were unaffected by cladding, the Council noted that safety could be improved.

£52 million for Tamworth schools and pupils under new Government funding

MP Christopher Pincher has welcomed a £52,837,955 Government investment in schools across Tamworth and our local villages – the largest funding boost in a decade, levelling up per pupil funding to ensure that all schools have the right investment to deliver an outstanding education for all.

Extra taser funding for police

The Home Office launched a drive today to equip more police officers with tasers as part of a wider project to give police more powers and tools to tackle crime. 

Funding For Rail Tech Innovation

Organisations and individuals developing new technology focussed on making railway journeys faster, cleaner and greener can put their ideas forward and potentially be in for a share of £9.4 million to bring them to life!

Additional support for homeless people

The Government announced today that it is allocating a further £3 million of new funding to help the job centre increase the levels of support they are able to provide to homeless people.