Ship building in the United Kingdom

A number of you from forces and industrial backgrounds have written to me about the importance of keeping shipbuilding and defence projects to companies operating inside the United Kingdom.  I know many of you have a particular interest in ensuring that MOD projects are primarily built and tested

Western Power Distribution App

For the eighth year in a row, Western Power Distribution has topped the industry league table for Ofgem's Stakeholder Engagement and Customer Vulnerability Incentive.

This means our local power providers are proactively working to deliver a socially responsible and inclusive service.

UC changes to help parents

Some of you know through my correspondence that I have been lobbying the Government to improve how childcare is reported and paid for under the new Universal Credit system.

View From the House - September 9th

Hello and welcome back to my weekly View from the House for Tamworth Informed. The summer recess has been incredibly busy, with a lot of changes. I signed off my last View from the House saying there would be lots of news to report, I do not think I am wrong!

Out with Staffs Search and Rescue

I met with Staffordshire Search and Rescue earlier this year to discuss their work and how best the Government can support their efforts.

The path to Brexit

The votes in the House this week show there is a clear choice on Brexit.

Only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives will get Brexit done and move forward.

Labour and Jeremy Corbyn offer more confusion, delay and division.

The choice is clear - BACK BORIS, GET BREXIT

George Bryan Centre Update - have your say

I know many of you remain concerned about the future of the George Bryan Centre.  Since the fire the teams at the hospital have been working diligently to knock down the west wing which was destroyed in the fire and make the site safer to use again.

The Spending Review

Today the Chancellor set out a review on spending.  This is not a budget but an insight into a change in direction on public policy and Government spending.

Last Night's Vote

Many residents have been contacting me, on both sides, about the blocking of No Deal and prorogation of Parliament. I have been clear; my preferred option is for Boris Johnson to get a new and better deal with the EU.