New powers to tackle knife crime

The Government have been looking to enhance police powers to tackle violent crime. We are now seeking to amend the Offensive Weapons Bill to introduce Knife Crime Prevention Orders.

New projects for care leavers

New projects have been launched to improve the education and training of young people leaving care, helping them make a transition into independent life.

Sickness & Disability benefits

If you have fallen ill and require additional support there are a number of benefits you may be eligible to receive.

Universal Credit - Support for low incomes

A number of residents contact me if their circumstances have changed and they need to see what benefit support is out there now that their income is lower.  This could be due to a change in job role, an accident or deterioration in health or a sudden relationship breakdown.

Support for music in schools

In order to ensure that all of our pupils are able to enjoy high quality music lessons, schools are soon to receive a new model music curriculum which has been created by an independent panel of experts. 

Clear Air Support for Farmers

The Government has launched an ambitious new strategy to clean up our air which includes a commitment to support the efforts farmers are making to tackle air pollution.

High rise queries

With Grenfell back in the news attention has been placed on the six high rise flats in Tamworth.  I want to make it clear that none of the council high rise flats in Tamworth have cladding made from Aluminium Composite Material like the towers in Grenfell.

Pensions cold calling ban

Many local residents and even myself have been subject to cold calls, the Government is continually tightening regulation around this issue and today the cold calling ban on pensions comes into effect.