Boris is back in action

The Prime Minister returned to the podium today - he had an important message for us all, you can read his statement in full below.


Small businesses - apply for your grant!

Across Tamworth and Lichfield, hundreds of businesses have been receiving grants as part of the £7 million fund to help businesses through the Covid19 pandemic.

New children, Child Benefit and Covid19

I know there has been a number of new births over the past few weeks but not all parents have yet been able to register the birth.

While registry offices continue to run, demand is high and so some registration processes are taking longer than normal.  

Cemeteries in Tamworth to re-open

Over the past few weeks our local cemeteries have been closed, this was in line with the Government guidance to help prevent unnecessary socialising.

Karaoke singers wanted for Staffordshire Day fun!

Ina  bit of light hearted fun while we are largely stuck at home, Enjoy Staffordshire has come together with Staffordshire County Council and other bodies to brighten us all up on Staffordshire Day - May 1st and to say thank you to the many hardworking keyworkers across the County who are helping

Activities while we stay safe

Thank you to everyone who is staying inside where they can - you are helping to protect the NHS and save lives. Today you will have seen the social distancing measures to protect the public have been extended for another 3 weeks.

Extension of sick pay to those who are shielding

I know a number of you who would ordinarily work but have been asked to shield due to being in a high-risk group have ran into difficulties, particularly if your job role cannot be amended for you to work from home.

Changes to furlough cut off date

Thousands more employees will be able to receive support through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme after the Chancellor extended the eligibility date to 19 March 2020.