Holocaust Memorial Day

There are few events which really shake the world. Where nowadays it seems everything is breaking news and a catastrophe, it is sometimes necessary to mark events that put all these modern day dramas into perspective.

Tackling superbugs

Today the Health Secretary has been urging world leaders to follow the United Kingdom's lead in the global fight against superbugs to protect the health of future generations.

Parliament approves acceslerated degrees

Parliament has approved legislation to support the expansion of two-year and other accelerated degrees.  This will give students starting university from 2019 more choice than ever before.

Tenant Fees Bill

The Tenant Fees Bill passed it's final reading today in the House of Commons so it will soon gain Royal Asset and become an Act.

Help to Save

The Help to Save Scheme launched in September of last year, so far around 80,000 people have joined the scheme but around 3.5 million are eligible.

School Crossing Patrols to continue

A number of local residents contacted me concerned about the future of the school crossing patrol at their child's school.

Big Energy Saving Week

It's Big Energy Saving week so Tamworth Borough Council has teamed up with Marches Energy to run some awareness campaigns in St Editha's Square.

Fairer CCG Allocations

I was pleased to hear a public commitment from the Prime Minister to ensure a fairer allocation of funding for Staffordshire’s Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Car crime prevention

Throughout December and this month, an increased number of residents in Tamworth and Lichfield have unfortunately become victims of car crime.

Supporting Domestic Abuse Victims

Today the Government has published  ground breaking domestic abuse bill to support victims and their families and do more to pursue offenders.