£4m funding to tackle rogue landlords

The Government has announced that more than £4 million in funding will be sent to local authorities to help them take enforcement action against criminal landlords and letting agents.

Starting the year campaigning

Today was busy today knocking on doors and delivering surveys with the brilliant Tamworth Conservative team. Along with activists we had Councillors Michelle Cook, Jeremy Oates, Robert Pritchard, Thomas Jay, John Chesworth, Richard Kingstone and Tina Clements.

Getting Brexit Done

Today the newly formed Parliament began the process of ratifying the great new deal that the Prime Minister negotiated with the EU.

The 12 Staffordshire MPs

Following the three Conservative gains in Newcastle & Stoke, all 12 Staffordshire MPs are now Conservative.

The Queens Speech

Today's queen's speech reaffirmed that the NHS is our number one priority which is why we will become the first ever Government to enshrine the increased NHS budget of an extra £33.9 billion per year into law.

The Queen's Speech also set out our plans to:

Changes to PIP on the horizon

The Queen's Speech today set out the Government's aim to transform the lives of disabled people by ensuring that they have access to opportunities and are able to reach their full potential.  A National Strategy for Disabled People in 2020 to ensure disabled people can lead a life of fulfilment. 

Thank you for your support!

I would like to thank the people of Tamworth and surrounding villages for supporting me in the recent election.

Thank you especially to the Returning Officer, elections team and local police who helped ensure we could all cast our votes and that election day ran smoothly.

General Election

I'm Christopher Pincher, Conservative Candidate for Tamworth. Due to early General Election, Parliament has dissolved as of November 6th and there are no Members of Parliament. All news, updates and views are from my time as the Member of Parliament. 

Brief George Bryan Update

Following the drop-in session held at the SRP Hospital last week, one of the ideas floated was that the George Bryan Centre may reopen for outpatients on a temporary basis while the consultation continues to assess the long term future of the building.

Casework Report - October

This is my last casework report under the current Parliament as I expect Parliament will dissolve next week for a General Election.