Zoopla ending 'no dss' adverts

Late last week the property firm Zoopla announced that it will be removing 'no DSS' wording in their rental listings.  This is in response to pressure being put on estate agents to stop blanket restrictions on renters who receive housing benefit support.

The decision supports the recommendations from the National Landlords Association and Residential Landlords Association and has also been backed by Shelter.  Other companies are being invited to follow suit and change their policies.

For many people finding a new home can be challenging, even if you have the money to cover the rent with housing benefit support, the fact that so few landlords accept tenants on benefits is a challenge.  Many people who claim housing benefit are in work but may need to find a secure home before they can take on more hours, having no access to a secure property can be a barrier to careers and in turn puts further strain on social housing.

I will continue to work on this issue to help reduce homelessness and make the private rented sector more appealing for all.