Zero Emission Car Consultation

Yesterday saw the launch of a new DfT consultation on zero emission vehicles.

The Government hopes that more will invest in electric and other zero emission cars and is looking into ways to nudge drivers into opting for better when purchasing their next car.

Concepts such as green license plates for clean cars, free or cheaper parking incentives and other ideas are being put forward .

The United Kingdom is moving towards net zero emissions, so making it easier to buy and make use of these cars is a high priority.  This is in addition to the new Road to Zero strategy, a £1.5 billion package of support which aims to make our country the best place in the world to own an electric vehicle.

Do you want to see green plates for electric cars

Tamworth Borough Council are considering adding charge points to their car parks and more and more businesses are offering places to charge a car. 

Some of these schemes have done well across the world, for example in Ontario where there are more toll-lanes, free access and use of bus lanes was offered to those with clean vehicles.  Ontario saw an increase in electric vehicle registrations shortly afterwards.

So if you're a driver - we want to hear from you!

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