World Parkinsons Day

Today is World Parkinsons Day and I recently had the opportunity to meet the lovely Parkinson's UK team to chat about the misconceptions surrounding Parkinson's.

Many people presume Parkinson's is a disease which affects the elderly, making them shake uncontrollably.  Whilst the tremor is one of the most well known symptoms, there are many other ways in which Parkinson's disease can affect people from depression and hallucinations to sleep disturbance, sudden mood changes and constipation.   These symptoms can vary from day to day so it is not always an easy disease to recognise and diagnose.

Whilst the average diagnosis age is 60, there are many people diagnosed at a much younger age, some in their 20s and 30s! So it is important to learn more about the disease, how it can affect people and more importantly, how we can all help.

This is why, today, the launch of the '#parkinsonsis' campaign will help to address this.  You can learn more about Parkinson's and join the campaign at:

If you are living locally there are two local groups for people living with Parkinson's, their carers and family members.  One of the groups, 'Tamworth Movers and Shakers' is a speech therapy and exercise group to help people with Parkinson's stay safe and feel confident.  To join up or find out more click here