Western Power Distribution App

For the eighth year in a row, Western Power Distribution has topped the industry league table for Ofgem's Stakeholder Engagement and Customer Vulnerability Incentive.

This means our local power providers are proactively working to deliver a socially responsible and inclusive service.

Not only have the team increased awareness and the numbers of local people on the priority service register but they have also rolled out a new phone app to help raise the alarm when there is a power cut.

The power-cut reporter app, not only lets residents report power cuts but when a power cut is confirmed it will send an alert.  The app can be set up so that loved ones are notified when there is a power cut in your area or to alarm if the power cut is taking place over night, great for those with sleep apnoea machines who rely on electricity.

You can download the app for free online at:


and also join the priority service register there.

I hope this helps local people continue to stay safe but the team at Western Power Distribution are always open to new ideas.  I know they are soon to launch an electric vehicle strategy and are looking to the future on how best to cut down on carbon emissions.  The team have also been working to 'storm proof' the network so that the power stays on, no matter which electricity provider you are using when a storm strikes.

Great work and fantastic uptime figures for our primary power provider- 99.994%!