This weekend's protests

There was a Black Live Matter protest and a counter protest at the statue of Sir Robert Peel over the past weekend.

I am pleased that demonstrations remained peaceful on the Castle Grounds. Over the weekend I kept in touch with the Chief Constable of Staffordshire Police to express my thanks for the service they give our community and to all those demonstrating for their good example of tolerance and understanding whilst making clear their concerns.

I am clear in my belief that there must be equality of treatment and equality of opportunity. There are issues which we must continue to address because no one should be disadvantaged due to the colour of their skin, their creed or their background.

This week in Parliament all MPs carried through new legislation to keep gatherings to six people as the country continues to battle the COVID19 pandemic. No opposition Socialist, Lib Dem, Green or SNP Member of Parliament objected to the Government’s update to the law. This will only apply until September in what is called a ‘sunset clause’ and I am reassured to see cross party support for the Government’s response to this aspect of the  public health crisis.

In the meantime if you would like me to raise anything with Ministers on your behalf, please do contact my office.