Visit to Ascott Analytical

Last week I visited local company Ascott Analytical Equipment Ltd.  The company manufacturers corrosion test cabinets primarily for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Sound techy? It is! Corrosion testing is key to understanding how materials perform under simulated conditions.  Corrosion is a natural process that occurs in every material and causes it to degrade.  When you build cars, planes, trains, pipes and medical devices you need to make sure your products are strong, will not fail and are safe to use.  The corrosion test cabinets that Ascott Analytical builds allows companies to mimic real-life conditions and put their products to the test.

The company has been operating in Tamworth for over 30 years and has recently doubled its factory and office space.  I visited to congratulate the staff and tour the factory.

During the visit I had the opportunity to see walk-in corrosion test rooms which are used to challenge the durability of car and aircraft components, the smaller cabinets for salt spray tests and cyclic corrosion tests and some newly patented Mag-Drive technology which makes use of rare earth magnets.

The company sells globally with highly skilled designers and a track record of innovation.  They also take on local apprentices, giving back to the community and helping to boost the local economy.  They even made a contribution to the 2018 Manufacturing Parliamentary Review sharing best practice and routes to business success.  Their new world-class facility will no doubt help them become one of Britain's most highly regarded manufacturers in the industry.  

It was fascinating to see the work that Ascott Analytical undertakes and I am confident that with Brexit on the way, this company access more markets right across the world and continue to grow from strength to strength.

To find out more about the company, visit