View from the House - 9th July

HELLO and welcome to my weekly View from the House for Tamworth Informed.

With Parliament soon to move into recess I am keen to keep getting as many tours for constituents in place as over the summer. Sadly, once we move into the recess break, the guided tours for tourists take over and we have to wait until September to restart the MP tours. On Monday, four constituents from Tamworth came down to see the inner workings of Parliament and visit both the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

On Tuesday the National Lottery came to Parliament to celebrate their 25th Birthday and in this period, they have awarded £13.8 million to 391 charity and community projects in and around Tamworth. I can remember going out and buying a ticket on the initial launch back in 1994, and while I am delighted to see so much funding has come to Tamworth I am not sure how I feel about how long ago it was that I bought my ticket…

Residents in Wall have been in contact with me about the Wall roundabout and the issues they are currently experiencing. I met with Highways England on Wednesday to raise these concerns, and I am encouraged that they will be visiting Wall to see first-hand. While this is a small step, it is one in the right direction. I also raised my concerns about the traffic build up at Junction 10, as well as the amount of litter building up on the side of the roads that they manage. After this I met with Tesco Chief Executive to learn more about the Centenary Bags of Help Grants. Community organisations from across Tamworth will soon be able to apply for a share of funding, and I am writing to some of those organisations to encourage them to apply.

After a typical week in Westminster, it was lovely to meet the new head of Wilnecote High School, Sian Hartle, to discuss her plans for the school as well as what messages she wanted me to take back down to Westminster. Thank you for hosting me Sian! After that I visited Keltruck in Wilnecote where Damian and his team showed me around the Vehicle Maintenance Unit and talked me through the roles they all have. Good to talk Tamworth and also celebrate that our area is an attractive place for businesses to set up shop and employ our well skilled local residents. I finished off the Friday with one of my surgeries in the constituency office. As always, if you have a case that would benefit from a short sit-down meeting then please do get in touch with my office and let us see what can be done.

As always, the weekend was filled with community and civic events, and on Saturday I stopped by Creative Plants in Shenstone and tried out some of the great products in their new coffee shop. Thank you to everyone who came around and joined us in our coffee catch-up! On the Sunday, the village of Elford celebrate the 100 years since the WW1 troops came home. With a beautiful service and a fitting lunch celebration afterwards, we all looked through photos and read stories of our heroic troops.

Back down to London on the Sunday night, where I look forward to the week ahead. Mainly I am preparing for my meeting with HS2 to discuss a lot of issues residents have and I look forward to getting them some answers.