View From the House 8th March

Hello and welcome to my weekly View from the House for Tamworth Informed

On Monday I with the senior Staffordshire County Council team, including the Council leader Cllr Philip Atkins. They gave an update to the work they are carrying out in Tamworth and across Staffordshire and for me, there were two key positive pieces of good news. Firstly, our unemployment rate is down to 1.4%, which is under the national average. Economic growth across our area is gaining pace with development sites across Staffordshire which, once completed, will pull in £10m a year in business rates. We are training residents and forming a skilled local workforce to meet the growing demands of business. Secondly is that school crossing patrols are to continue to be funded by Staffordshire County Council after the Council listened to parents, schools and residents. A good example of politicians listening to people! 

Wednesday marks the start of Lent and I have vowed to give up cheese, bread, crisps and beer and will be starting the 5:2 diet. My office too is getting involved with Kate giving up energy drinks, Katie avoiding chocolate and Marcus is steering clear of takeaways. Whether you are religious or not, giving something up or starting something new is a great way to prove to yourself how self-dedicated you can be. To everyone giving it a go, good luck! 

A Wednesday isn’t complete with Prime Minister’s Questions and this week the Prime Minister announced that she will be hosting a summit in Downing Street, to bring together ministers, community leaders, agencies and others, as well as the families of the victims of knife crimes to listen to their stories and to explore what more we can do as a whole society to tackle this problem.  

In continuing to get the United Kingdom ready for Brexit, on Thursday we passed legislation in areas such as electricity, gas, food, electronic communications and road traffic. Areas that could easily be overlooked in the full scheme of Brexit, however they are being given the attention the require to ensure a smooth exit from the EU. Many of you who work in schools, have children or saw the school run on Thursday will have seen some of the fantastic costumes for World Book Day. As part of this literary event, children in Tamworth will be given a book token which can be taken to a bookshop or supermarket to get their free book. I hope parents, grandparents and carers in Tamworth will take time to read for ten minutes with their children on World Book Day, and every day after. 

Friday means I am back up in Tamworth and this one was as busy as they all are. I visited Suprajit on the Lichfield Road Industrial Estate to talk Brexit but to also talk apprenticeships. This week is National Apprenticeship Week across the nation and apprenticeships can give young people this opportunity to learn a valuable skill while earning at the same time. It is fantastic to see so many businesses across Tamworth opening up to the Government scheme and providing those opportunities. Next up in the day was a visit to Rawlett School to meet with the senior management team and then I rounded off my visits at the CrossFit Tamworth gym on Kettlebrook Road. Between cutting out carbs, starting the 5:2 diet and now seeing some CrossFit in action – do you think my team are trying to say something? 


As Tamworth’s MP I run surgeries for constituents to come and sit with me face to face and go through issues or concerns. I have a fully booked surgery in Fazeley on Saturday, however if you need to reach me or my team for help please do email or call the Tamworth office on 01827 312778 

Next week is going to be a critical moment in Parliament, with the vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal on the table for March 12th. I voted to Leave but I think most people, whether they voted Leave or Remain, just want us to get on with it and leave the EU as the majority decided.  The Prime Minister has made that clear too and is trying to finalise a deal with the EU to do just that.  We all now need to get on with it.