View From the House - 31st July

HELLO and welcome to my weekly View from the House for Tamworth Informed. Last week has been a very busy week here in the heart of Westminster, as well as in the news!

On Tuesday, after weeks of campaigning across the country, Boris Johnson was declared the winner of the Conservative Party Leadership Election. As a Boris backer I was delighted to see that almost two thirds of my fellow party members also voted the same as me. The contest between Boris and Jeremy Hunt was fair and saw the debates discuss Brexit plans but also the wider issues our country faces. For me I am really pleased at Boris’ plans for 20,000 police officers over the next 3 years. Policing is an evolving service in this country and utilises more modern techniques in order to get more officers into community policing. I have seen this first hand myself as I joined the Police Resolution team in Burton, as well as going out with the Police in Lichfield as part of Operation Disrupt. Next, I am re-joining Operation Disrupt but this time with the Tamworth Police.

Wednesday saw Theresa May give her very final Prime Ministers Questions and her final sentence struck me strongly. “At its heart politics isn’t about exchanges across the despatch boxes, nor about eloquent speeches or media headlines. Politics is about the difference we make everyday to the lives of people up and down this country, they are our reason for being here and we should never forget it.” The people our why we are MPs and in our new Prime Minister we must deliver on what the people voted for and leave the European Union on or before the 31st October. Following PMQs, Theresa May then returned to No10 Downing Street and took the car to Buckingham Palace to resign as Prime Minister. The Queen then invited Boris Johnson to Buckingham Palace to form a Government.

I believe that Boris brings the energy, vision and leadership to break the Brexit deadlock and propel the United Kingdom further along the road of prosperity. Only the other month, Boris came and knocked on doors with me and the Conservative Councillors in Belgrave and the feeling was electric.  He has that electoral stardust that I believe can enthuse and unite all four corners of the country. I am a Brexiteer, I voted for it, I campaigned for it and down in Parliament I have consistently voted to stop a 2nd Ref, to keep No Deal on the table and to deliver on the result. I voted for Boris Johnson too.  The Government he leads will be full of optimism and that will reverberate around Britain.