View From The House - 23rd May

HELLO and welcome to my weekly View from the House for Tamworth Informed.

My summer work experience programme started this week with our first pupil, Lewis, joining my team in the Tamworth office. We have well over 10 pupils from sixth form colleges and Universities joining the teams in Westminster and in Tamworth to get a flavour of what it is like to work in politics. Today it feels like you need work experience to get a job, but you can not get experience unless you have a job. I hope that by offering these opportunities it can help to get that first step on the career ladder. Both of my guys in my London office started their careers doing work experience in an MPs office. I recently did a video on Facebook asking for more people to apply and thank you to everyone that has. We now have more people than spaces, however I will of course run the programme again next year so do apply again.

This week Parliament found itself bustling with apprentices from around the country to celebrate those that work in the aerospace, defence and space industries. Tamworth apprentice, Tyler was part of the team that works at JJ Churchill over in Bosworth. It was insightful to talk to him about his career and future plans, and also how he plans to achieve them. The Managing Director of the company was very positive about Tyler’s work, so I am sure this Tamworth apprentice has a good path ahead of him. We have a real positive record on apprenticeships in the United Kingdom, especially in Tamworth where we have more people starting on the more advanced levels. Well done to Tyler and keep up the good work.

As ever Wednesday brought us PMQs, for once however maybe it should not be myself writing the brief but two Tamworth constituents. About every 3 to 4 months I am allocated two tickets in the Public Gallery for PMQ tickets and I have a very long waiting list of constituents who want to see it! I had two residents use them this time, and it was great to see them so eager to learn more and also quiz me afterwards on my thoughts. If you too would like to come to Parliament and watch a debate, please do not hesitate to reach out. The gallery is open for all debates and it is much easier to get in when it isn’t PMQs.

As ever, Friday is my day of meetings in the constituency. I hosted the Staffordshire Search and Rescue team in Tamworth, having met them previously in Parliament. They are a small unit and are trying to get funding for their communication systems. I was happy to recommend several places and I know my fellow Staffordshire MPs are helping them too. I also visited the Samuel Johnson hospital just over in Lichfield with my colleague Michael Fabricant MP. We both came together to see the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service and sit down with the management team. The dedicated team at CAMHS play a vital role in identifying behavioural issues and supporting mental health in young people.

A number of issues have come up in the week, including gas maintenance works, issues with bus tickets and concerns around Tamworth police station. I have written to all those who have spoken to me about these and I will be talking more about the Police station this week. But to be clear and it is important that we are, to prevent false information, the station is not closing. The front desk is rarely used and instead of tying bobbies to the tables we need them on our streets. Tamworth has had 5 extra PCs and 2 extra Sergeants in the last year and preventative community policing is the way forward. The station still remains manned, and you can now report crimes and concerns in more ways to the Police. I think you will all agree with me, more boots to the ground, more bobbies on the beat is a good step forward for Tamworth.

The Prime Minister has announced that the European Union Withdrawal Bill will come back to Parliament for a final time. We are waiting to see what this will look exactly like, but I will stick to my guns: we must leave the European Union as soon as possible. Labour, Lib Dem, other MPs, the European Union and lots of third-party groups trying to revoke the result, and ignore the democratic decision of the British people, I believe we need to get on with leaving.