Universal School Inspections

Today the Government has put forward proposals to ensure that Ofsted will visit all schools judged to be outstanding within the next 5 academic years.  This will bring an end to the era of some schools going over 10 years without any form of inspection.

Under the old system schools which were rated as outstanding became exempt from routine inspections.  This should not be the case as all schools should always be held to a high standard.  Having the chance that the school could be inspected at any point in time, will encourage all schools to continually improve. 

The proposals will affect over 3000 schools and it will mean that all parents have more up to date information about every school.  It will boost confidence in our education system and allow us to pick up on areas where schools that were previously marked as outstanding, may now be starting to fall behind.  

The proposals will go through a consultation then be subject to Parliamentary approval. However the aim is to introduce these changes by September of this year. 

This is just part of our plan to ensure that our education grows from strength to strength and that underperforming schools are identified and supported quickly.