UK Sausage Week

It is UK sausage week, a time to kick off your meals with a bang-er! The week is aimed at promoting local butchers, farmers and retailers who champion the sausage.

Whether it's a Cumberland, Lincoln, Lorne or Newmarket, the sausage has been a familiar food on British dinner plates for many years.  Some of them even have protected geographical indication.

While sausages are not for everyone's palette, it is important that the industry works towards responsible animal husbandry.  That's why I am so pleased that some of our fine local butchers, work directly with farmers from our area, supporting free range meat and well looked after animals.

Pictured here is Brad from Coates Butchers on Lower Gungate.  They've got some fab sausage deals this week and if you can't make it to their store you can even buy online at

So don't be a silly sausage, support your local butcher this week!