Thank you for your support!

I would like to thank the people of Tamworth and surrounding villages for supporting me in the recent election.

Thank you especially to the Returning Officer, elections team and local police who helped ensure we could all cast our votes and that election day ran smoothly.

It is a wonderful honour to have been re-elected by the residents of Tamworth and our local villages with an increased majority.  The message from the doorstep was loud and clear - 'Get Brexit Done' and the proof in the pudding can be seen in the 30,543 (66%) of residents who backed me at the ballot box.

However it runs deeper than that.  People in Tamworth, the West Midlands and up and down our United Kingdom are ready to get on with the other priorities we have laid out: 50,000 nurses, 20,000 extra police officers, raising the school funding levels, a points based immigration system and much more.

The United Kingdom has spoken and spoken clearly.  With a strong majority, the Conservatives can now break the deadlock in our paralysed Parliament, bring the Brexit deal back to the commons and get on with the job the British people elected us to do:  Deliver Brexit.

I am particularly looking forward to picking up on the work of helping residents, from our fight to save mental health services after the George Bryan Centre fire, to ensuring all residents have decent mobile signal and quality broadband and of course the individual pieces of casework I receive from thousands of residents.

I am most humbled to have won the voter's trust so affirmatively for a fourth time.  I want to thank my fellow candidates too, while we may not agree on policy or the direction of our country, we have all stood up for something we believe in.  I trust they too will reflect on the decision of the British people issued so decisively on Thursday and pledge to respect it.


Election Results:

Christopher Bain, Labour: 10,908

Robert Bilcliff, UKIP: 814

Andrew Tilley, Green Party: 935

Christopher Pincher, Conservatives: 30,542

Rob Wheway, Liberal Democrats: 2,426

John Wright, Independent : 431