Support for renters

Renters affected by Covid19 will continue to be supported through autumn and winter this year.  The Government has changed the law to extend notice periods to 6 months.  This means that renters can now stay in their home over winter, with time to find other accommodation.

There are a few exceptions to this, for instance anti-social behaviour or fraud but for the most part, renters issued with a notice will have 6 months to move.  Additionally if the area is in a local lockdown after the 6 months have ran out, evictions will not be enforced by bailiffs.  There will also be a 'winter truce' on the enforcement of evictions in the run up and over Christmas except in the most serious circumstances. 

The Government has issued an extra £1bn to increase the Local Housing Allowance rate so that they cover the lowest 30% of market rents and for those requiring support beyond Housing Benefit, there is an existing £180m of funding for Discretionary Housing Payments made available this year, a huge increase from last year.  If you are struggling to pay the rent, check in with the local council to see whether you are eligible for discretionary housing support. 

On the landlord side of things, possession hearings will start to take place again from 21 September, with anti-social behaviour and fraud cases prioritised along with those who have extreme rent arrears. 

These measures will be kept under review and decisions will continue to be guided by the latest public health advice.