St Gabriel's Primary temporarily closed for deep clean

Local nursery and primary school St Gabriel's in Belgrave will be closed over the next few days for deep cleaning.

A member of staff at the school tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus.  The staff member had been off school for a week before the diagnosis and so the risk of contracting the virus remains low but the school is carrying out a deep clean as a precautionary measure.  The school and local authority are also doing all they can to ensure that people who had been in direct contact with the patient are supported where necessary.

Parents of children attending the school: You can read more information about the situation from headteacher John Hayes at:

An email copy has also been issued to parents from the headteacher. The school aims to re-open as soon as possible and let's all wish for a swift recovery of the staff member affected. 

If you have concerns about symptoms of the Novel Coronavirus, please call 111 for further advice and assistance or make use of the NHS app