Sprinkler Project Complete!

Following the Grenfell Disaster I requested that the local council review all of our highrise buildings to ensure they were up to a good safety standard.  Whilst the six high rise builds were unaffected by cladding, the Council noted that safety could be improved.

Speeding up their renovation plans and getting together with Lovell Partnerships, Tamworth Borough Council has installed almost 2000 sprinklers in communal areas of the high rise buildings and a further 400 in individual flats.  Free sprinklers were also offered to those in the buildings who do not rent from the Council. 

The teams have worked closely with Staffordshire Fire Service to achieve this successful project and they now have their sights on reviewing fire safety and fitting sprinklers other large buildings across the town.

Fantastic work from all involved, making Tamworth a safer place for all.