Shenstone Mobile Survey Results

Recently, a number of residents in Shenstone contacted me about the poor mobile signal they were receiving in and around the village. I wrote out to all residents to get their views and opinions on the service they received. The result I received was this:


40.2% of respondents are not satisfied with their provider

17.2% of respondents are neutral

42.6% of respondents are satisfied

50.4% of respondents experienced signal issues


The rankings are as follows from highest satisfaction to lowest:


1. Tesco               2. O2                    3. BT                     4. Vodafone                       5. EE                     6. Three


The results clearly show there is significant dissatisfaction with providers and too many signal issues. Following the survey, I presented all providers with the evidence, and all have replied to me.


In the United Kingdom the mobile network is run by four companies (EE, Vodafone, Three and O2), and the 77 mobile providers have to contract themselves to one of these four. For example, BT mobile runs over the EE network and so are linked to any changes EE make. To see which network your provider uses, follow this link


Below are the following replies we received from the network operators:


From Vodafone:

Vodaphone's response


From O2 and Tesco Mobile:

02 and Tesco Response


From Three Mobile:


Three Mobile Response


From EE and BT Mobile:


EE BT Mobile Response


If you too are having difficulties in getting a decent signal, may that be in Tamworth or in one of the many villages within my constituency then please do get in contact with me on 01827 312 778 or by emailing