Rural projects apply to the - Clean Energy Fund

Rural areas can benefit from a new £10 million fund which has already helped over 150 rural communities become cleaner and more sustainable.

One beneficiary of the fund, a project in Frome which included Frome Town FC installed over 200kw of solar capacity, enough to power 2000 light bulbs and strip 333 tons of CO2 being pumped into the local environment.  It also generated money for the local community by selling the extra electricity back to the grid. The Government hopes rural sports clubs, churches, schools and community centres will make applications and get involved.

Community projects can apply for up to £40,000 for green initiatives, this includes solar battery storage, wind, hydro and geothermal heat projects.  Viable proposals will also be considered for further grants of up to £100,000 for the business development and planning applications.  With this fund the Government aims to increase energy self-sufficiency in rural communities and boost jobs in green technology.

For anybody interested in finding out more, email our Midlands representative Michael Gallagher on