Primary School Expansion Approved

It's great to see that Coton Green Primary School have approved the decision to expand the school intake to a further 105 pupils.

The school have been consulting on this issue for quite some time, I was supportive of the expansion providing the infrastructure around the school would be put in place and that local resident concerns were considered.

I was glad to see that prior to approving the expansion the local Governors have addressed:

🚗 Parking issues
🌳 Air Quality concerns
🚶‍♀️ Paths and perimeter walkways

And of course given that it is in Coton Green...
🚧 Construction traffic

You can read more about the consultation and issues raised online at


It is great to see a development which has worked with the community to address any issues before proceeding.  The new admission numbers will help ensure more young people can attend a local school while not having a significant impact on the immediate neighbourhood.