Post Office Pay Review

In my constituency, a number of the Post Offices have closed over the past few years, some because the Post Master has retired or moved away, others because the demand for service was no longer in the area and some because they found the job too challenging.

Recruiting new post masters, particularly in the more rural parts of my constituency has proven difficult.  People need the right skills, right premises and need to want to take on the job.  That's why I am pleased that Business Minister Kelly Tollhurst has brought together the Post Office leadership team and representatives of local post masters to launch a full review into pay.

It is expected to be a relatively quick review but one which will include plenty of feedback from those already in the job.  I hope it will lead to some positives, a rise in pay for post masters and hopefully a renewed interest on the recruitment front.

It may well mean that many rural villages like Shenstone will no longer be without access to Post Office services.

If you are considering a future with the Post Office and would like to learn more about becoming a post master in your area visit the link below for more information.