The poppy cascade project

For weeks now schools, community groups and residents have been taking part in the amazing community project to create a huge cascade of brilliant red poppies from the top of Tamworth Castle in a stunning Remembrance Day tribute.

The aim is to reach 4000 poppies so there's still some way to go if the cascade is to flow from the castle parapet to the ground.  The project marks the 100 years since the end of World War One.

The poppies are made easily with plastic bottles and paint and will no doubt make for fantastic viewing during the forthcoming Remembrance ceremonies.

The ‘poppyfying’ project by Tamworth Borough Council’s Arts & Events team and Tamworth Castle is being supported by industrious members of Tamworth Ladymeadow WI, who had over 2,000 poppies completed at the last count.

To make a poppy:

  1. Get a clear, standard 500ml plastic water bottle
  2. Cut the bottom section off the bottle, around 10-15cm from the base
  3. Cut poppy leave shapes into the sides of your bottom section of bottle and put two holes in the centre (the base of the bottle)
  4. Paint your poppy red
  5. Paint the lid of your bottle black, put two holes in it and tie it to the centre of your poppy shape with a black pipe cleaner.
  6. As well as Oceans of Tamworth, completed poppies can also be dropped in a collection bin which is outside the Ladymeadow WI group’s temporary base of operations in a unit on the ramp at Ankerside Shopping Centre.

So take part, add your poppy to the project and let's make this Remembrance Day even more memorable.

For more information on getting involved call the Tamworth Council's Arts and Events Team on 01827 709 314.