PIP and older people

I just wanted to confirm a brief tweak to the benefit system which I know will come as a big relief to some of my constituents making claims for care and support through Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

From tomorrow, 31st May any new claimants to PIP benefit whose review would have been scheduled for after they have received state pension age, will now receive an ongoing award with a light-touch review after 10 years.

Applying this change to new claimants is the first step in the process and it will be extended to PIP claimants above state pension age in the coming months.  This is one of the steps we are taking to help improve the quality of life for disabled people.

Generally a PIP review for somebody over pension age is unnecessary, it is unlikely that their health condition would improve and requirement for care to be less that what it is currently, if anything they may have a change in circumstances which requires an increase.  Should any claimant need more care, they can still formally request a review of their benefit at any point.

If you are below pensionable age and think you need care with your day to day life or with your mobility, phone the helpline and find out more about PIP benefit.  You can work and claim and have savings, this benefit is purely for people who need assistance or will be expected to need care and support for 3 months or more. Call 0800 917 2222 for more information.