Pharmacy First - Launched!

Pharmacy First - a new project aimed at easing pressures on A&E and GP appointments was launched over the weekend.

Around 79% of patients are prescribed at least ne new medication when they leave hospital.  From July of this year, all hospital discharged patients who need advice on managing their new medication will receive a referral to their local pharmacy.

This will help free up GP appointments, ensure patients are administering their medicines appropriately (and letting patients discuss issues like side effects) and it is hoped this scheme will ultimately help reduce hospital readmission rates.

Our local pharmacies have a wealth of knowledge and access to specialist training so making sure they play a part in every day health care will not only make seeking support easier for all patients but also help with other issues, such as reducing avoidable harm from medicines and faster access to support when a medicine is not quite right for a patient.

These new measures will help strengthen the pharmacies in our communities, working closely with GP surgeries and hospitals to deliver safer and more efficient patient care right across the NHS.

I look forward to the roll out of this new scheme and hope it helps local people gain fast access to the support they need and a greater understanding of the medicines they are taking.


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