Overcrowded Trains

A number of residents have contacted me about overcrowding on trains arriving into Wilnecote and Tamworth Railway Station.

In particular the early morning Nottingham to Birmingham New Street route has been highlighted as a problem.  This is a popular route with commuters on their way to work, with only a couple of carriages each day, the train is often pack to the doors and so I have asked both Cross Country Trains and the Department of Transport for action on the matter.

I understand that Cross Country have been looking into both changing their timetables and seeking out more carriages for lease or purchase.  Timetable changes are not a possibility at present and the company continues to look for more carriages to lease, purchase or swap from another route of a morning.

When I approached the Department of Transport, I understand that due to the carriages being somewhat dated, manufacturers now build carriages for electrified lines, purchasing new carriages is difficult.  More carriages are being put up for sale and lease following rail upgrades.  The next carriage releases are coming from Scotland in the summer and so I have expressed that I would like to see those carriages being put to use on overcrowded services such as the morning commuter Cross Country Services.

I have also approached the Railway Ombudsman who I understand are not just looking into delayed services but also the quality of service provided by rail providers across the country.

I use the train services on my trips from Tamworth to Westminster, so I know how frustrating a busy, overcrowded, late or cancelled journey can be.  I keep pressing on this issue for you and pressing for an improved service.