Out with Staffs Search and Rescue

I met with Staffordshire Search and Rescue earlier this year to discuss their work and how best the Government can support their efforts.

I know the teams have been working diligently with local authorities, police and fire and other organisations to promote their work and to boost their capabilities when searching for missing people across the county and assisting with rescue efforts.

I organised an event with neighbouring MPs, Amanda Milling and Jeremy Lefroy so we could all see hands-on what the team does, the challenges they face and just how dedicated the volunteer teams are.

It was fascinating to see first hand the hard work, expert training, search dogs and specialist equipment the teams use, saving lives across the region.  I was pleased to hear that not only do the teams rescue lost hikers and ramblers but are also taking a role in assisting when people with dementia are missing. 

The volunteers also work incredibly hard to fundraise - whilst I will be lobbying ministers to help the group as they bid for funds for new boats and vehicles, if you would like to support them with their events and with sponsorship you can do so by looking at their website


There's also information on site as to how you can get involved as a volunteer!