New role as Housing Minister

I am delighted to have been appointed as the Minister for Housing by the Prime Minister.  Naturally I am sad to leave behind the great work being done at the Foreign Office in building bridges across the world and delivering this Government’s vision of Global Britain. However, Housing is at the top of the Prime Minister’s domestic agenda and it is an honour that he has bestowed this role upon me.

Our ambition for Housing across the country is clear: we must help more people get onto the housing ladder and to continue to build more good quality, green and beautiful homes. I want to focus on building homes in places people want to live, delivering the homes that people need and helping people to buy and rent.

In the last 5 years we have delivered a million homes in England, the highest number of homes for almost 30 years. But we want to progress this further towards a target of 300,000 a year by the mid 2020’s. Crucially, however, we need to make sure that homes are built in a way that makes sense for the people already living in the area and the families moving in. That is especially important in areas like our own.

During my time as your local MP I have always said that when houses are built, the infrastructure must come along with it. This means roads, doctors surgeries, schools, fire stations and more should be in construction too. Our new £10 billion Single Housing Infrastructure Fund will help deliver this faster.

High quality homes, safe homes, community housing, environmentally friendly homes and homes for the future. I look forward to getting stuck in to this highly dynamic role.