New £20 note on the way

Soon a new £20 is to be launched, it is said to be the Bank's most secure note yet.  The note featuring new features aimed at making it difficult to counterfeit will contain two see through windows, with a small one in the bottom corner inspired by Tintern Abbey.  The note has various foil patches and holograms which will also help it stay secure.

The note will be polymer, similar to the new £5 and £10 notes. It will be in circulation from Feb 20 so the public here in Tamworth will begin to see them in ATMs and tills.  The paper based notes featuring Adam Smith will remain legal tender and can be spent and accepted as usual.  The notes will eventually be withdrawn but the Bank of England have confirmed that notice will be given 6 months before they are fully withdrawn.

You can find out more about the note at