New Homes Ombudsman Created

Boris Johnson has confirmed that housing is a top priority for Government so I am pleased that home buyers will soon be able to benefit from the creation of a New Homes Ombudsman.

This new body has a focus on the rights of homebuyers, standing up for consumers.  The Ombudsman will be looking into issues around shoddy work in new builds.

The Government aims to bring forward this legislation as soon as possible to help raise the game of house builders across the United Kingdom, help to ban rogue developers and order fixes when poor building work has been identified and not addressed through ordinary mediation with the developer.

At the moment if a new home buyer cannot resolve their issue amicably, they need to pursue the matter through lenghty and costly court cases.  The new Ombudsman is aimed at solving these kinds of disputes and holding developers to account.

The Ombudsman will be paid for through fees paid by developers and will be separate to other ombudsman services in the housing market.  The aim is to help homebuyers get access to help and support when they need it, resolve any disputes quickly and assist homebuyers secure any compensation they deserve when builds are not up to a good standard.

I look forward to seeing it progress and it will have my full support.