New funding for GP Surgeries

Today the Government has announced an additional £1.5bn funding boost for GP services, which will deliver more doctors, nurses and more appointments, ensuring that patients and their families have fast access to the medical support they need.

Now that we have cleared the Brexit hurdles, focus is shifting to the other issues the electorate had highlighted as the most important - the NHS! That is why we are committing this additional money towards general practice over the next four years.  The funding will help pay for additional staff and marks a key step towards delivering 50 million more appointments in general practice by 2024.

The NHS is our top priority, growing from strength to strength both locally and nationally.  Improving technology, be it through the NHS App, new equipment and hospital buildings to more treatments and social care support avenues being rolled out.  I will continue to put forward your ideas to the Department of Health, press for the George Bryan Centre to be put back into use and do what I can to ensure that for those working in the NHS, the job is rewarding and a good quality career with development opportunities, decent pay and support when it is required.