MOT exemption for 6 months

A number of you have written to me with concerns about getting your vehicle MOT sorted.  While I can confirm that garages are on the essential list and so can remain open, the Department for Transport has granted a six month exemption for all cars test from 30 March.

That does not mean you can drive an unroadworthy vehicle, but it does mean that for many drivers, the extra trip to the garage can be delayed for a little while.  Lorries and trailers will also be exempted from MOT testing for three months.

Police in the area will be carrying out spot checks on vehicles to ensure residents are travelling for appropriate reasons and to check roadworthiness of vehicles so please be mindful when you decide to drive.

Remember the Prime Minister has made it clear that you should only leave your home for the next three weeks if:

- You are a key worker or have no other means to work (though you should work within the PHE's Covid19 guidelines)

- You have caring duties

- You have a medical appointment or need to collect medicines

- You need to pick up essential shopping.

More information about Covid19 can be found for residents and businesses at