Meeting litter ambassadors

This week one of our local litter ambassadors, Tina Clements visited Parliament for a Keep Britain Tidy event.  There are many local litter picking volunteers who are doing a fab job with supporting Tamworth and Lichfield Councils with keeping their areas clean and encouraging people to reduce, reuse and recycle.

TV presenter Julia Bradbury shared her stories about the Great British Spring Clean and thanked the volunteers for their hard work. During the session she told the Ambassadors about a recent filming opportunity she had in Australia.  She filmed a Bowerbird which had tragically decorated its nest not with branches and flowers but with litter.  It is a global problem but we can all do our bit to make change happen.

Local litter ambassadors for Tamworth

The event confirmed that there are currently 56300 registered litter heroes across the United Kingdom who have dedicated 1.1 million hours to cleaning up our communities.  A stunning and inspiring amount of work.  The group want that figure to continue rise so that our high streets, parks and green spaces are free and clear of litter and waste.  

If you would like to get involved with local litter picking, drop Tina a line on or contact your local Conservative Councillor.  All of our local councillors get actively involved with keeping Tamworth tidy and do a fantastic job!  I also try to get involved with litter picking when I can, so keep me in the loop about your group sessions.

If you want to become a litter ambassador, look at the programme online at