March's Casework Statistics

Each month my office produces a summary of casework dealt with on behalf of constituents.  For those interested below is a little breakdown of the types of issues crossing my desk in March.

Popular topics this month have of course been Brexit, some residents have had pretty in-depth queries about the future of their business if a deal or a no deal situation occurs.

Litter on the A5 was also a big topic, the teams have been out cleaning this area and making a difference - well done Tamworth Borough Council.   The closure of Coton Lane also drew a lot of attention due to the fact it took place immediately after school half-term.

Crime across County Drive was a big issue, the police have put on extra patrols.

March Casework Review



On the campaign front - the big issue was of course Brexit, some wanting no-deal, revoking article 50 and backing the PMs deal - a big mix! Puppy smuggling and live animal exports were also on the radar, the Government is implementing more regulation in both of these areas.  The George Bryan Centre also had a campaign, it is not closing but the East Ward, is closing temporarily whilst the site is being cleared from the fire.

March campaigns

So as you can see a variety of topics this month.  If you are a constituent of mine and feel that I can help, please do let me know on or by telephoning 01827 312778.