Major strategic road changes

While I am still digesting the good news from the Budget, it was fantastic to see the announcement of £79.5m pledged by the Chancellor to the North Warwickshire A5 corridor.

It was fantastic to hear that the Government is investing in the A5 Growth Corridor, as you will know the A5 runs from London, up through North Warwickshire and through Staffordshire on its way to Holyhead in Wales.  The Chancellor today announced that the North Warwickshire Section of the route, which sits just on the other side of the M42 will receive £79.5m of funding to build five new housing sites, bringing in 3881 more homes and levelling up the surrounding infrastructure.

Vitally this funding also contributes to highway improvements to be carried out on the A5 which we know can suffer from congestion due to the mixture of a single and dual carriageway.  This is good news for Tamworth, wherever you commute in or out of Tamworth.  It will reduce those car queues meaning we can be much more mobile.  We will see more quality homes built in the West Midlands that local residents can access without being too far away from the M42, helping people get on the housing ladder or size up or down their property as appropriate.