Life Assurance for Health & Care Workers

The Health Secretary has launched a new scheme to support the families of frontline health and care workers who die from coronavirus.

  • Health and care workers are on the frontline in the battle against coronavirus, putting the lives of patients ahead of their own.
  • While nothing can make up for the tragic loss of a loved one, we will do everything we can to support families of those health and care workers who lose their lives to this disease. A new Life Assurance Scheme will provide £60,000 to the families of NHS frontline staff and social care workers who die from coronavirus.
  • The scheme covers cleaner and porters who continue to carry out vital duties in care environment and also covers staff who are working for our NHS from abroad. 
  • We owe a huge debt to those who die in service to our nation and are doing everything we can to protect them.

You can read more about the scheme at

Today at 11am, we will join NHS England in holding a minute’s silence for the frontline workers that have lost their lives to coronavirus.

Life Assurance Scheme for NHS and Care Staff