Last Night's Vote

Many residents have been contacting me, on both sides, about the blocking of No Deal and prorogation of Parliament. I have been clear; my preferred option is for Boris Johnson to get a new and better deal with the EU. But if our European neighbours refuse to negotiate then we must be prepared to leave without a deal on October 31st.

I voted to support the Government, and if the vote occurs, to keep No Deal on the table and support our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson by going to an election, I will support it. The Bill the Labour MPs are trying to bring forward would force the PM to accept a Brexit deadline to whatever the EU decides.

Simply put, the Jeremy Corbyn Surrender Bill is unacceptable.

I am regularly surveying residents and know the majority in Tamworth still want to leave the EU as swiftly and smoothly as possible. 

Interestingly, independent local news site Tamworth Informed recently ran a poll that saw 1.4k of local readers vote in it, with a clear majority in support for Boris’ plans.

Tamworth Informed poll results


I understand that my vote to keep no deal on the negotiating table will not please all residents as some still wish to remain but time and time again the people of Tamworth and the wider United Kingdom have made a clear decision to leave the EU. We need to back the Prime Minister and get the job done.


It is right that the Government prepares adequately for all eventualities so that people are clear that the apocalypse-style stories you read in the media about a 'no deal Brexit' will not occur.  A deal would be preferred but a no deal situation can be well managed.

There is a 'ready for Brexit' check available online at:

Regardless of your view on Brexit, if you do have any specific concerns on how Brexit will affect your business or home life, please do let me know and I will put these queries forward to the relevant Government Departments.