For the kids - Stickman Outdoor Trail

Many of you will be familiar with the National Memorial Arboretum just outside of my constituency.

It is a fantastic 150 acre site in the National Forrest with a focus on Remembrance.  It features memorials for military and civilian associations as well as the large and very striking Armed Forces Memorial commemorating all of those who have been killed on duty or as a result of terrorism from the end of the Second World War to the present day.

The Arboretum is well worth a look around if you have not visited with so many stories, places to learn and insights into past wars, military life and how all parts of society have helped do their bit when their country has been in need.

stick man trail at the NRA

It can be challenging to get young people interested in this kind of site but it is important.  With this in mind the team at the Arboretum have brought a little fun to space by introducing the 'stick man trail.

The trail is an outdoor adventure following the story of 'stick man' which encourages young people to explore the grounds and the woods, learning about wildlife and the memorials as they travel.  It's a free trail with maps available at the Welcome Desk.  So take a trip over the Easter Holidays, learn more about our history and let the kids have a little fun!