Indicative Votes Round Two

Yesterday the House of Commons voted again on more Brexit options, this was part of the process of seeing whether Parliament as a whole could agree upon a solution to Brexit.

This time there were four options on the paper, staying in the Customs Union, a Common Market, A Second Referendum and Cancelling Brexit.

Indicative votes - how Chris Pincher Voted

I voted AGAINST staying in the Customs Union, it is important the United Kingdom can define and have a say its own trade policy

I voted AGAINST staying in the EU Common Market, whilst this would ensure trade continues it means accepting the 'four freedoms' - free movement of goods, services, capital and people.  We would have no say over those policies.

I voted AGAINST a Second Referendum the people have had their say.

I voted AGAINST Cancelling Brexit because the referendum result should be honoured.

I will not vote for proposals which contradict, delay or even cancel Brexit.  Unsurprisingly, not a single proposal passed.  It is clear there is no majority in the House for the soft Brexit that some keep trying to push through.

I want to see Brexit take place and will do all I can in the House to ensure the referendum result is respected and we leave the EU.