The Indicative Votes

Many of you will have seen that MPs voted on 8 different Brexit options last night. The 'indicative votes' intended to give Parliament control of how they wished to exit the EU. It was a free vote (well on our side it was), to see what direction the Commons wanted to go. As Tamworth's MP, you can see how I voted below..

results on how i voted

FOR No Deal, this should not be taken off the table.

AGAINST  an EU Common Market 2.0 aka ''Norway plus'- EU courts should not have the last say on our laws or trade

AGAINST being members of the EFTA/EEA aka the 'Norway model'

AGAINST remaining in an EU Customs Union - trade with no say for our business

AGAINST Jeremy Corbyn's Alternative Plan - a permanent CU and Single Market

AGAINST revoking the referendum result - the people should be heard.

AGAINST running a second referendum - the people have had their say!

FOR preferential deals with the EU on certain issues following our exit if we leave with NO DEAL

Just as Theresa May predicted before offering the indicative votes to Parliament, no significant outcome was put forward once the votes had been counted.

Lots of residents have emailed me and shared with me your preferences for how our Brexit future should look like. Thank you for all your comments, and I will keep you updated as we continue on! I am pro leave, I will continue pressing for Brexit.

We need to leave the EU in a timely and orderly way, tomorrow I will again back the PM's deal . We need to deliver on the Referendum result.