HS2 Compensation for residents and businesses

If you are affected by HS2 you may be able to sell your property to the Government at it's market value or receive a lump-sum payment if it's near the proposed HS2 route.

The property scheme you're eligible for depends on the location of your property and which phase of the scheme affects you.  You can find out more and start your application online at


There are also schemes to apply to rent and continue living in the property in some areas, hardship schemes available and schemes for those who have a compelling reason to sell a property but cannot as a direct result of the HS2 project (eg, unemployment, ill health, new job)

If after you have applied for support, you face any difficulties, please do let me know and I will liaise with the HS2 team on your behalf. The best contact is my Westminster office on 0207 219 7169